Monday, June 8, 2009

When to walk out of a Relationship part (2)

Welcome to the part 2 of this article, in this second part we shall discuss another reason on when to walk out of a relationship. Every relationship has its own ups and downs but when the excuses become too frequent then something must be wrong, most people wait for too long even when the hand writing is boldly written on the wall before they walk out of the relationship, it is good to be optimist and hopeful that things might get better but the problem is that the longer you stay the more likely you might suffer emotion trauma.

Another way to determine when to walk out of a relationship is by observing the way you are been treated in the relationship. Does he listen to you when you speak? Is he proud to introduce you to his friends? Does he treat like an angel or as a sex tools? The way you are been treated in relationship goes a long way in determine the future of that relationship; no one will like to be treated like a piece of trash. Anyone who is truly in love will always appreciate and treat his partner with love and respect, the absence of love will always lead ill-treatment. So if you are in a relationship that you are not appreciated then it is time to move on.

One big mistake most lover make when it come to making up is that they don’t know when to draw the line. Making up can be another sign on when to walk out of a relationship, how often you make up, can determine how serious you are been taken, if you keep making up with your lover after every fight (misunderstanding) you can be sure to be taken for granted. Nobody is above mistake but when it becomes too frequent then it is intentional. If you discover you are making up too easily then it is time put an end to the relationship.

Enough of hanging around in that relationship, it time to pack your bag and head for the door. Enough of the heart breaks! Enough of ill-treatment! Enough of the abuse! Take a stand and walk away, there is someone out there waiting for you.
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