Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Role of Responsibility and Communication in a Relationship

Relationship should be enjoyed not endured, many lovers desire happiness in their relationship but irresponsibility and lack of discipline has shift their focus from their primary goals. To achieve a successful relationship you need to possess certain knowledge and understanding about your spouse.
THE ROLE OF RESPONSIBILITY Relationship is meant for 2 people with common interest and understanding, the interest of your spouse should be your sole priority , what makes him/her happy should be your major concern and in return you will end up with a fulfilling relationship. Responsibility cannot be rule out if you intend to maintain a happy relationship. It involves recognizing who you are responsible for. If your relationship is not going the way you want it to then you are responsible for changing it.
One key factor of maintaining a successful relationship is communication, it is of great importance for couples to maintain a healthy communication relationship. Whereby they can sit down and discuss issues relating to their relationship without upsetting each other, only that way they keep a stead relationship. Effective communication means both of you working out problem together. In some situation, you can be able to look at your spouse and say ” you are right and I am wrong” when you get to that level where you can accept your mistake without shifting blames and honestly admitting the need for change then you are on your way to great relationship.
Even if lasting relationships is becoming rare, you can experience a fun and fulfilling relationship, if can take responsibility and bridge the communication gap between you and your spouse. I hope this article has helped to improve your relationship. You can get more by clicking Making up

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