Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Questions before Making up

Life can be very challenging especially when you have gone through the hard road of heart break and most of the time, we find ourselves in a desperate condition and because of that will allow our emotion to cloud our sense of judgment when it comes to making up. It is a good to desire making up with your ex, especially when you think you are in love.Before making up with your ex, take a split second and answer this 4 questions and only then will you find the true objective of why you when to make up with him/her.

Question 1: what was the cause of your breaking up? Get the true picture of your breaking up goes a long way in answering solving misunderstanding. Assuming the cause of your breakup is continuous cheating or assault, why then will you want to make up someone doesn’t love and respect you.

Question 2: how were you treated in your relationship before breaking up? I believe nobody wants to be used and dump like a piece of dirt, true love does not hate, cheat lie neither deceive. A relationship filled with negativity is not meant for you, so knock off the ideal of making up if you are cherished.

Questions 3: how much are you will to pay? Making up can be very difficult especially if you don’t know the right steps to take. Not know the level commitment you are willing give in the line of pursing your objective can leads to absolute failure which eventually leads to frustration, I believe you don’t want that.

Question 4: do you truly, truly love him/her? There is a great difference between love and infatuation, some time it could be confusing. Get the true picture of how much you feel for him/her can determine the level sacrifice and risk you are willing to take, when it comes to making up. A relationship without love can end up in frustrating.

After sincerely answered these 4 vital questions, it is time to take – ACTION.
PAY ATTENTION CLOSELY- Listen very careful and take 2 minute to read this because this might be the gate way that leads to making up with your ex. There are sets of easy steps to take which will help you greatly in the course of making up with your ex, so advice strongly to flip through the next page Making up

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