Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love is not enough-Six Qualities to keep your Relationship in line Part (2)

Welcome to the second part of this article. Love is the catalyst to spark off a relationship but it is not enough to keep the relationship going, it has relatives and relations. Love is the fundamental ingredient need to set off a relationship but it is not enough to sustain it
Let examine other qualities need to sustain a relationship

Remember the common “saying united we stand divided we fall” the same thing apply to relationship, working together as a team can make your job easier and faster. The ability to work together means recognizing your spouse and helping him/her, and also recognizing his/her weakness and learning to turn them into asset.

Openness and sincerity is one key factor to a lasting relationship. Much relationship has been broken by the discovery of certain hidden unpleasant information. Trying to be open in all aspect of your relationship can save you a life time of pains. Remember nobody is a super human, nobody is perfect. We live and learn. Creating an atmosphere of openness and acceptance can making you and your spouse get long much easier.

Relationship needs commitment to sail smoothly. When the money is gone and the beauty has faded away, it takes commitment to keep the relationship alive. A man is committed to love his spouse even if does not deserve it and a woman is committed to love her spouse even if he is a beast. Love without commitment is deception.

Thank you for reading; I hope you have learned some valuable from this article. Even if you have been a victim of heart break, you can make up with your spouse and apply these vital lessons to keep your relationship in line. If you confuse on how to make up with your spouse, simply click Making up for life

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