Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get a grip on her in your relationship

Every woman hates a man that is artificial, it better to be yourself. To get a total grip on your woman you need to be patient and tolerance. Understanding the like and dislike of your woman in your relationship can ease the burden of get a total control over your spouse. Every wish of a woman is to be treated like a queen in her relationship , woman generally like to be coddle, she like to be helped in every she do, in the kitchen, in garden. Instead of sitting down in your warm comfortable couch and watch her do the washing and cleaning, you can assist her in the chore which will eventually spark up some respect and submission from her.

I want you to pay attention and get this right even if you don’t get any other thing right. Never look at another woman when you are with her because if you do, she might count as someone who is not worth trusting. The purpose of your mission is to gain her trust, so don’t underestimate the thought of a woman.

One way you can get a grip on your spouse is to make her feel good about herself, tell her how beautiful she look in the morning, remember that “men fall in love with their eye while woman fall in love with their ear”. Making her laugh all the time even when you don’t want to, can make her feel free with you and eventually submit totally to you because she now knows she can trust you.

Well I hope you have learn something remember, to get a grip on your woman, you need patient and tolerance but if you discovered that you have mist thing up, you can always click on magic if making up to get more advice on making up with your ex.

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