Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to get the Girl of your Dream Part 1

Are you old enough for a relationship? Are you looking for a girl who is very attractive and shares the same ideology and believe with you for a relationship? Then this might be a chance of a life time to turn your situation around. If every time you want to start a relationship, you felt as if you run out of gut, then this article is for you. Before deciding to start a relationship with the girl you like, there some few basic skill you need to master. Let consider some of these skills.
DEVELOP GOOD MANNERS Good manners shows you respect other and you are not a self centered personality, it is treating other with love and respect. However, good manner is not like an expensive cloth you put on to impress the opposite sex, it begin from your home with then show cases in your interaction with other people outside your home. To find a very decent and attractive girl for a relationship the way you treat other people will determine her respond.

KEEP A PERSONAL HYGIENE. If you a not very serious about your personal hygiene then that might the reason why every girl you approach always turn you down. Good personal hygiene begins with your outward appearance, from your cloth to your shoe. How clean is the cloth you are putting on? Lady like a guy that is always looking smart and neat. Bad mouth odor can put off your chance of winning the girl of your dream, so always take time to observe your personal hygiene routine.

DEVELOP CONVERSATION SKILL. The foundation of every relationship is communication. Discussing not only about your interest, but the interest of other is a good skill of conversation. Most girls are particularly impressed when a boy can naturally converse with them, some prefer when a boy can simply listen to them, while others like it when a boy encourages her with some words of encouragement. So whatever the case may be always remember to put the interest of the girl first before any other thing.

Sadly this is where I have to call it a day, hope you have learn something from this article. Looking forward to see you in the second part of this article but you can check out others by clicking Magic of making up

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