Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love is not enough-Six Qualities to keep your Relationship in line part (1)

Love is a wonderful qualities need in relationship but it is not enough to keep your relationship in line, no matter the level of your relationship. Have you ever wonder why most couple that claim to be in love and promise each other that nothing is going to put them apart, always end up breaking up? Relationship demand more than just love. The rate of divorce shows love is not enough.

Let examine some few other qualities that are essential to keep your relationship going.

MATURITY Maturity is not determined by age or size but the ability to handle responsibility. No matter the level at which you love your spouse, if you are not mature at heart things are definitely going to get out of hand. Relationship is filled with challenges. We face virtually in every aspect of our relationship, your ability to hand challenges determine the level of your maturity.

FINANCIAL STABILITY I am 100% sure that no woman will be comfortable with her spouse when unable to provide for her needs. Money places a vital role in relationship, the absence of money create unnecessary tension in a relationship. Love cannot provide basic necessity like food, cloth and shelter. Relationship without money is like sitting on a drum of gun powder.

CHANGE “Change is the only thing constant “relationship is not static, they are ever changing. Couples should learn to adapt if they intend to keep their relationship going. The cause of most break up is the unwillingness of one or both couples to change. Couples must respond positive to change in other to keep their relationship going.

Unfortunately this where I have drop my pen, I hope you have learn something valuable from this article. Looking forward to see in the concluding part but you can get the full article by visiting Making up for life

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