Thursday, June 25, 2009

Six tips on how to tell if your Relationship will Succeed

Are you wondering if your relationship will lead to marriage? Or are you in relationship and you wondering if it will survive the test of time? Are you having doubt about your relationship? Then you are in the right place at the right time, because this article will throw more light on how to tell if your relationship will succeed. The case of divorce in our society today is becoming astronomical and many at time, we wonder what the cause of it is. Find out if your relationship will succeed.

  1. Background. When you choose a partner for a relationship, you are indirectly joined to the family. Your status, your family, your religion make up your background. It is obvious that a proper evaluation will be done on you by the family of your partner; too see if you are right for him/her. When there is no similarity between the two families then you on a path to a brick wall.
  2. Social status. This is your taste, your friends and your character. And all these determine your attitude to issues concerning money and goals; .if you and your spouse differ in these issues then it is unlike that you will have problems which might eventually leads to your breaking up.
  3. Looks. It is of a known fact that most people choose their partner base on physical attraction, although we might not be conscious of it. If you flirt with someone who you thought is more attractive than your partner, then the less attractive your partner becomes to you and the more likely you will begin to find fault in your partner.
  4. Age difference. The older can becomes impatient with the immaturity of the younger one and may begin act like a parent. This might make the younger one less important. Because of the age difference a lot of disagreement might occur over various issues in the relationship.
  5. Past relationship. Your past relationship has a stronger influence on your present relationship. If you have had lot of relationship and whereas your spouse has hardly had any. If your past relationship history differ a lot then you are unlikely to last longer.

To have a long and fulfilling relationship with your spouse lot things need to be put in place. The extend of your relationship depend greatly on the level of understanding between you and your spouse. This is where I have to call it a day but you can get more by visiting MAGIC OF MAKING UP

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