Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to get the Girl of your Dream for a relationship Part 3

Welcome to the concluding part of this article on how to get the girl of your dream for a relationship. Some men think they feel they can get any girl they want and some time, they even brag about it. It is important to know that ladies should be treated with respect. It is immature to brag about how good you are in winning a girl for a relationship. In this concluding part of this article, we shall discuss on the dos and don’ts of this article. Apparently there several rule that is mandatory to adhere to in order to success in your mission.

Let us discuss some of those rules:

RULE 1: DON’T FLIRT. A flirt uses flattering words and provocative body language for a selfish interest and such attitude lacks the purpose of an honorable romantic relationship. I strongly advice that you desist from using flirting words because most mature girl will always know when you are flirting and that in turn reduces your chance of winning them over.

RULE 2: DON’T PLAY WITH GIRL FEELINGS. Be sincere with your compliment; don’t toy with her feelings by passing insincere compliment. Boy don’t realize how quickly a girl can get emotional attach, especially with a boy that is caring. It is not that they are desperate but that is simply their nature. So when next you are you a girl you like treat her with some little dignity
THE HARSH REALITY. It will be unrealistic to think that every girl you approach will accept you request. The purpose of this article is to equip you with basic tools you need when searching for the girl of your dream. Remember that, it is state of the inside that will reflect on the outside. You that have to dress a certain way or carry a certain personality to impress a girl, just simply be yourself and a mind of possibility.

Now it is time to fly, so spread your wings and fly away. Go get that girl you always admire. Don’t let nervous stop you, she is right there waiting for you, so take the initiative. Thanks for reading and I hope you have learned a thing or two. You can get more by visiting Magic of making up

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