Monday, June 1, 2009

Why you should make up with him

Some time in life we find our self in a situation we cannot control and most of the time we make the wrong decision. In this article, in this article I will share on the importance of why you making up with your ex, most ladies find it difficult making the right choice when it comes to making up with their ex?
It is a known fact that reconciliation can spark up a relationship to the next level but ask yourself this question, should I always forgive him every time he offend or cheat on my? Before contemplating making up with your ex, some few but vital questions need to be answered like, what was the cause of breaking up with him in the first place? If the cause was a common misunderstanding then you can make up with him depending on the level of his seriousness but if the cause was as serious as beating or sexual abuse then I don’t advice making up with him because true love does not hurt.
There is a great joy in making up with your ex especially when both of you are in love before breaking up, reconciliation has a way of making relationship much stronger if there is a common understanding between both lovers. Due to the absence of your ex in your life, a vacuum has been created and life can be lonely and empty if that vacuum is not filled up, it can only be filled by the present of your ex. In search for true happiness pride should be keep aside.
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