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Getting Back Together - Breakup Advice For Successful Making UpGetting Back Together - Breakup Advice For Successful Making UpGetting Back Together -

Face it, going through a breakup is one of the most painful social pains we all go through in life. Getting back together is all you can think about at times. It doesn't even matter who left who, deciding what to do next is painful. Should you try to make up? Should you just let it go and move one? What happened?

You will have a broken heart for awhile even if you were the one to do the dumping. You feel bad when you dump someone else you cared deeply for. Now is when you will have doubts and wonder if you did the right thing or the wrong thing. Breakups are always painful. We are human and the emotions run deep. Love is a powerful feeling and it takes time to let yourself settle down and accept what happened.

Don't rush into another serious relationship until you come to grips with your feelings. Even more important if you think there is a chance you can get another chance with your ex, what ever you do stop yourself from calling or texting them over and over. If you charge back in with a serious need to get back together, you will very likely push your ex even farther away. Chasing them will repel them. Stop yourself and wait a month for everyones emotions to settle.

Think of it like a mini vacation apart so you can be rational and decide if they are even worth a second chance. Only taking time to think will allow you to make a decision. Remember even though you were both in the relationship and felt like you were on the same page all the time. You are two separate people with your own thoughts(reality).

You can't make someone love you. The key to getting back together is taking your time before you rush back into dating each other again. The faster you try to make up, the worse your odds are going to be. So take a time out from each other. Then when you call or meet them, you will be able to rationally talk to them. Start slow and see if there is a relationship to restart. You wont be able to makeup until they are ready too.

Start back by simply calling them and having a conversation. See what they think, put your own feelings on the back burner because what you think and feel is only half the equation. If you can have a friendly conversation, keep it short and if possible agree to meet so you can talk more soon. Rebuilding a relationship will take time so don't be in a hurry.

Don't sit around moping or feeling sorry for yourself. As soon as possible start meeting new people and going on a few dates. This will get you back out having fun and looking more attractive and happier. When you call or meet your ex, you will look like you are not needy and are doing fine without them. Nobody wants a needy lover. Those are a few tips to help you start the making up process and if you follow them, there is a good chance you can get your ex back. Don't chase and don't be needy.

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